WordPress Template HierarchyWordPress offers a very useful Codex that I typically refer to multiple times a day while developing and designing WordPress websites.  One of the most valuable pieces of info that I’ve found in the Codex is the graphical representation of the Template Hierachy.  This graphic lets you know which files in your theme are used to display different post types and data (ie. Blog Posts, Custom Posts, Pages, Home Page, 404).  Unfortunately, what is there, while very useful isn’t the prettiest or easiest graphic to understand.

Luckily, one of my good WP Friends, Michelle of Marktime Media, took it upon herself to redesign the Template Hierarchy graphic with a focus on making easier to read and scan quickly so it can be more easily understood.

I urge everyone to use this great WP Resource.  Michelle did an awesome job of transforming this already useful resource into something even more valuable to the greater WordPress Community.

Check out the Redesigned WordPress Template Hierachy.